Sources of Educational Funding

Long-Term Care Facility Employee Grants / Scholarships

The government offers grants to health care facilities to train their workers. Any long-term care facility (aka nursing home) that accepts Medicare / Medicaid patients will reimburse students for a portion of their CNA program costs upon employment for an agreed-upon period of time.  The amount reimbursed depends upon the percentage of Medicare / Medicaid patients in the facility population.  Some long-term care facilities also award educational scholarships to employees.

Sources of Educational Funding

You can sign up for WorkSource funding at any Employment Office to help cover the cost of your NA, CNA-2, and MA vocational training program if you are unemployed, or even if you are not on unemployment.  If you are working part-time or are under-employed, funding may be available to you through SE Works (also known as WorkSource Portland SE) or Human Solutions to help cover the costs of your training program.  Government grant money for NA, CNA-2, and MA vocational training can also be available through foundations who promote education after high school to students at risk, such as Job Corps, etc.

WorkSource Portland Metro Offices


State of Oregon - WorkSource Offices

WorkSource grant funds are currently available for students between the ages of 16-24 for NA1, CNA2, and MA training programs. Contact Elena Esquivel at for more information.


SE Works

7916 SE Foster Rd. Ste 104
Portland, OR 97206

Human Solutions

  • Human Solutions - Portland Office
    12350 SE Powell Blvd
    Portland, OR 97236
  • Human Solutions - Rockwood Office
    124 NE 181st Avenue
    Portland, OR 97230

IRCO – Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization

Incite Inc - Willamette Workforce Partnership

525 High St NE, Ste 305
Salem, OR 97301

Residents of Marion, Polk and Yamhill counties only.