Information Sessions

(Prices & Policy Changes are Effective June 1, 2019)

Caregiver Training Institute offers free, no-obligation, Information Sessions that provide an opportunity for you learn about the program and get answers to your questions. Information sessions offer a realistic picture of nursing assistant and medication aide jobs and provide detailed information about the requirements, costs, skills and training needed to become a NA-1, CNA-2 or MA.

It is CTI’s policy that ALL STUDENTS must complete an Online Information Session PRIOR TO REGISTERING IN CLASSES in the school’s NA-1, CNA-2 and MA programs.

Registration into a Class

Is Closed Two (2) Business Days
Prior to the First Day of Class

Students must complete an online information session, select a class/clinical schedule, submit their completed, signed and dated registration packet, any required program pre-registration prerequisites/eligibility documentation, and pay for their program tuition, at least two (2) business days prior to the first day of class.


(due at least two (2) business days prior to the first day of class)

Step 1: View an Online NA-1, or CNA-2, or MA Information Session

  • Complete a Program Information Session.
  • Submit your Digital Signature at the conclusion of the Information Session.

Step 2: You Will Receive a Class Registration Packet Via Email

  • Open the fillable PDF Registration Packet documents in Acrobat DC or Reader.
  • Complete, date and digitally sign the PDF forms.
  • Instructions: Click on the “Fill & Sign” icon  in the toolbar. You can also select Tools > Fill & Sign or choose Fill & Sign from the right pane. Click on the text fields and type in your information; select and click appropriate checkboxes.
  • Alternatively, you can print off and manually complete, sign, and date your Registration Packet paperwork.

Step 3: Submit Your Pre-registration Documentation & Registration Packet Documents

  • Submit your Pre-registration Prerequisites & Eligibility Documentation
  • Submit your Registration Packet Paperwork
  • Submit of copy of your government issued Photo ID
  • Alternatively, you can drop off your documentation at CTI in the black mail drop-box located at the entrance of the school’s front gate.

Step 4: Complete the Registration Process 

(at least two (2) business days prior to the first day of class)

  • Phone CTI’s business office to Select a Class/Clinical Schedule.
  • Pay your Tuition in Full – or – set up a Tuition Payment Plan.
  • The fee to set up a Tuition Payment Plan is $30. (Online NA-1 students and sponsored students are not eligible for a payment plan.)
  • Phone CTI’s business office to pay your tuition by credit card, or you can mail in a check.


Make a Payment for 50% of the Program Tuition Fee

Before a payment reserving a student's seat in class will be accepted, students must:

  • Complete an Information Session
  • Submit any required Pre-registration Prerequisites/Eligibility Documentation
  • Submit their completed, signed and dated Registration Packet
  • Select a Class/Clinical Schedule


We accept cash, check, debit cards, most major credit cards and money orders.
We do not accept American Express.