Clinical Requirements

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  • Clinical Training / Screen / Immunization Record Documentation Deadlines.
  • Classroom Didactic Completion Requirements
  • Clinical Training / Screening Requirements
  • Clinical Immunization Requirements
  • Immunization Documentation

Clinical Training / Screening / Immunization Record Documentation Deadlines:

All training and screening documentation required for clinical MUST BE paid for in full, completed, documentation submitted & confirmed with the school business office by the following deadlines:

  • NA-1 & MA trainings and screenings are DUE BY NOON THE DAY OF THE SCHEDULED MIDTERM EXAM or the student will be removed from their scheduled clinical rotation and may be replaced by students currently on a wait list to go into the clinical setting.
  • CNA-2 trainings and screenings must be completed and documentation submitted to the school office AT LEAST TWO (2) BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS or the student will be removed from their scheduled clinical rotation and may be replaced by students currently on a waitlist to go into the clinical setting.

Classroom Didactic Completion Requirements:

  • Successful completion of all the required hours in the classroom & lab portion of training
  • Successful demonstration of all the required skills on the lab checklist
  • Passed classroom written final with a 75% (NA-1 Classroom), 80% (Online NA-1 Students), and 80% (CNA-2 & Med Aide Students)

Clinical Training & Screening Requirements:

  • CPR TRAINING– Current American Heart Association-Basic Life Support (AHA-BLS).  AHA BLS CPR classes are offered at the school for $60. 
  • SUBSTANCE ABUSE SCREENING – 10 Panel Drug Test (must be done through the school’s contracted service provider – $50)
  • TB SCREENING– Current TB Screening Test Results – Negative TB Skin Test (PPD), Quantiferon Test (Blood Test), or Chest X-ray for TB screening.
    • NA-1 and MA students may provide a copy of a current TB Skin Test (PPD) Test or a Quantiferon Test (Blood Test) from their physician, a current or former employer, or another source.
    • CNA-2 students must obtain and provide documentation of a current TB test via Two-Step TB Skin Test (PPD), or a current Quantiferon test, and/or current Chest X-ray for TB screening.

Clinical Immunization Requirements:

  • NA-1 and MA students ARE NOT REQUIRED TO OBTAIN AND PROVIDE IMMUNIZATION DOCUMENTATION prior to their clinical rotation.  Clinical facilities that have less stringent requirements for their employees may request an exemption from specific provisions of the OHA requirements through the student’s training program provider.  Caregiver Training Institute has pursued obtaining exemptions from all the school’s clinical NA-1 and MA program training partners.
  • NA-1 and MA students MAY BE REQUIRED to obtain and provide documentation of receiving the Influenza vaccine (seasonal flu) prior to the start of their clinical rotation during the flu season. If required, it is the policy of Caregiver Training Institute that student documentation must be received by the school office by the end of the day of the scheduled midterm exam or the student may not go into the clinical setting
  • CNA-2 students MUST OBTAIN AND PROVIDE DOCUMENTATION of the following immunizations consistent with CDC guidelines and as set by the mandatory hospital requirements prior to the start of a student’s clinical rotation:

Hep B (Hepatitis B):  documentation of three (3) shots given; a positive titer for Hepatitis B antibodies; or the first shot given in the series that is no more than 30 days old.
MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella): documentation of two (2) injections of MMR); or the first vaccination in a series; or a titer must be done to establish immunity.
Varicella (Chicken Pox): documentation of two (2) injections of Varicella; or a titer to establish immunity; or medically documented history of the disease.
TDAP (Tetanus, Diphtheria & Pertussis): documentation of TDAP within past 10 years.
Influenza (Flu): documentation of current Influenza immunization when injection is available during the flu season. Hospitals will notify the school of timeframe requirements.

Immunization Documentation:

  • Evidence of Immunization may be demonstrated through a document appropriately signed or officially stamped and dated by a qualified medical professional or an authorized representative of the local health department which must include the following:
  • Documented Receipt of Vaccine (month and year of each dose of each vaccine received)
  • Documented Immunity Via Titer (month and year of lab results)
  • Valid History of Disease (month and year the diagnosis of the disease was confirmed)
  • Official Record from the Oregon ALERT Immunization Information System