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Online NA-1 Program

Is the online program completed entirely online?
No. The NA-1 program is broken up into classes, labs and clinicals. The OSBN designed the program so that online students complete the class portion online, but still need to show up in person for the labs and clinicals portions of the program.
How does the online program work?

When you log into the online classroom, you’ll see seven (7) modules. Each module consists of videos and a quiz. You must complete the quiz for one module before the next module will unlock for viewing.

Can I skip around?

No. It will lock everything up so that you can’t view anything. The only way to unlock it is to call the support staff. If you complete each module in sequence, they’ll work just fine.

When do I take my final?

The final exam date for Online NA-1 students will be scheduled at registration.  Online NA-1 students must have completed their program and be ready to take their final exam no later than seven (7) days prior to the start date of the class in which they are scheduled to attend labs and the clinical rotation.

When do I schedule clinicals?

You don’t. When you sign up for the online class, you’ll choose your labs. Clinicals follows directly after labs. You’ll simply remain with your lab cohort into the clinicals. They are not scheduled separately.

Can I take different schedules for labs and clinicals?

No. If you choose to be in an evening class for labs, you must also be in an evening class for clinicals.

Is there a payment plan?

No. Full tuition is due before you can receive your login and password.

Can I get a refund?

No. Once you receive your login and password, there are no refunds.