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Makeup Policy Information

Caregiver Training Institute does not guarantee any makeup time will be available to a student who has missed time during their scheduled program. Makeup time is hard to come by, and is dependent upon availability, and may not occur in a timely manner. Makeup openings are time-sensitive and students may only receive a few hours’ notice in advance.

Makeup time is offered, dependent upon availability, for no additional cost for occasional absences.

Students are not eligible to make up time for free under the following circumstances: they incur absences, or are tardy, during their scheduled program on three (3) separate occasions; they do not show up for their scheduled makeup time on two (2) separate occasions; they decline to accept makeup opportunities after the third (3rd) offer; or they fail to contact the business office in response to makeup offers within one (1) business day on three (3) separate occasions.

Students no longer eligible for free makeup time can purchase makeup time in a regularly scheduled cohort at the school, dependent upon availability, for a makeup fee of $5.00 per hour.

Makeup fees must be paid for in full prior to a student being placed on a makeup schedule waiting list.

Due to the administrative costs of scheduling makeup time, a student will be assessed a $5.00 penalty fee in addition to their makeup fee under the following circumstances: if the student does not show up for their scheduled makeup time; or the student requests to reschedule their makeup time less than three (3) business days prior to their scheduled makeup time.

There are no refunds for makeup fees paid, but not utilized during the program, under the following circumstances: the student does not show up for their scheduled makeup time; or the student fails to accept a makeup opportunity after the third (3rd) offer.