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Certified Nursing Assistant 2

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Who is a CNA-2?

A Certified Nursing Assistant 2 (CNA-2) is a CNA-1 who has received specialized training in more depth to assist licensed nursing personnel in hospital and other acute care settings in providing nursing care for patients.


Hold a current, unencumbered Oregon CNA 1 Certificate on the first day of class.


CNA-2 Acute Care Program Curriculum
Nursing Assistant 2 Acute Care curriculum provides a level of knowledge, skills, and abilities at a greater depth than a NA 1 training program, including the concepts of safety and preventing complications. Each class is limited to 16 students, labs are limited to 10 students, and clinical is limited to 8 students. The program consists of a total of 64 hours.

Upon graduation, you will be issued a certificate of completion and your graduation information will be submitted to the OSBN.


CNA-2 Acute Care Program Tuition   
CNA-2 Tuition (includes textbooks, criminal history, lab supplies, clinical practicum and ID badge)

$ 870.00

Background Check Fee

$ 35.00

Book Fee


Supplies Available for Purchase
Blood Pressure Cuff/Stethoscope Kit/Gait Belt

$ 65.00

Gait Belt

$ 15.00

Blood Pressure Cuff

$ 30.00


$ 25.00

Additional Classes/OSBN Fees Available for Purchase
CPR Class – American Heart Association BLS Healthcare Provider

$ 60.00

TB Skin Test (PPD)


Additional Program Expenses:
Scrubs, shoes, wrist watch with a second hand