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Medication Aide

Who is a Medication Aide (MA)?

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A Medication Aide (MA) is a CNA 1 who has had additional training and is authorized to administer non-injectable medications.

Oregon Medication Aides must complete an OSBN-approved medication aide training program, pass a competency examination approved by the OSBN and receive MA certification before administering medications.


  • Hold a current, unencumbered Oregon CNA 1 Certificate on the first day of class
  • Document six (6) months (or accumulated the equivalent of six months) full-time work experience as a CNA prior to starting a MA class.
  • Certificate from Nursing Assistant program required
  • These documents must be presented one week prior to starting class


Medication Aide Program Curriculum
Medication Aide curriculum provides training in safely, legally and accurately administering medications, and carrying out related duties and responsibilities in healthcare settings. Instructional topics include medications, their names, actions, interactions, side effects and safe management and administration, legal, regulatory and ethical considerations, and documentation and communication with the healthcare team.  

Each class is limited to 15 students.  In the clinical portion of the program, the MA student is supervised one-on-one by an approved nurse preceptor.  The program consists of a total of 84 hours.

Upon graduation, you will be issued a certificate of completion, a CMA Certification Examination Application, and scheduled for your written OSBN examination.


Medication Aide (MA) Program Tuition   
Medication Aide Classroom Tuition (includes lab supplies, clinical practicum and ID badge)

$ 700.00

Medication Aide School Clinical Preceptor

$ 750.00

Medication Aide Outside Clinical Preceptor


Background Check


Fingerprinting Fee


Book Fee


Supplies Available for Purchase
Blood Pressure Cuff/Stethoscope Kit

$ 65.00

Gait Belt

$ 15.00

Blood Pressure Cuff

$ 30.00


$ 25.00

Additional Classes/OSBN Fees Available for Purchase
CPR Class – American Heart Association BLS Healthcare Provider

$ 60.00

CEUs (Continuing Education Hours) (cost per hour)


TB Skin Test (PPD)


OSBN –CMA Testing Fee


OSBN – Fingerprint Fee


Additional Program Expenses:
Scrubs, shoes, wrist watch with a second hand, drug book of your choice